Friday Links

Who has more scientific publications: the U.S. or China? Is digital health a social science? How do U.S. healthcare prices compare to the rest of the world? Does continuing medical education work? What is the cost of defensive medicine fears? What does an effective lobbyist look like?

Midsummer Night’s Health Wonk Review

Hank Stern has posted A Midsummer Night’s Health Wonk Review at InsureBlog.   The HWR reviews the latest and greats posts from the health wonk-o-sphere.  In this edition, you can learn about Association Health Plans, the pros and cons of a number of mega-mergers in the health sector, and the effect of GOP plans to end Obamacare, among others.…

Health insurance is not enough

Having health insurance is great.  It largely protects people against financial losses that accrue when you become ill.  It provides coverage for medical services.  And improves patients health. Well, that last one is only true if health insurance allows you to access care.  When health insurance provider reimbursement is low as is the case for…

Friday Links

Will 1 in 4 of Earthlings soon be obese? How quickly do patients need physicians follow-ups after hospitalization? Is there adverse selection in California’s individual health insurance market? Does continuity of care matter?  An example in home health. Success at BC/BS value-based care program?

Value of Innovation Workshop

This weekend, one of the biggest conferences in medicine is taking place: the American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Conference.  On June 1, just prior to the conference commencing , I participated in an interesting half-day workshop in Chicago centered around better understanding of the value of innovation in oncology. The workshop was sponsored by…