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How often do clinicians use computerized clinical decision support systems?

That is the question Kouri et al. (2022) aim to answer. They conduct a systematic literature review and meta-analysis and find:

…overall [computerized clinical decision support systems] CDSS uptake was 34.2% (95% CI 23.2 to 47.1%). Uptake was only reported in 12.4% of studies that otherwise met inclusion criteria. Multivariable meta-regression revealed the following factors significantly associated with uptake: (1) formally evaluating the availability and quality of the patient data needed to inform CDSS advice; and (2) identifying and addressing other barriers to the behaviour change targeted by the CDSS.

While decision support systems offer much promise for improving clinical care, it is vital that these systems are easy to use, add value to the provider’s decision-making process, and can be readily implemented within existing workflow.

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