Increased access to articles in JAMA

JAMA and it’s related sister journals as part of the JAMA Network have adopted a new publishing policy, moving the journal not entirely into the open access space, but one that will give individuals access to JAMA articles on other sites. JAMA editors write:

Beginning in 2023, JAMA and all of the journals in the JAMA Network will adopt a new policy that permits authors of original research investigations to deposit their accepted manuscript in a public repository of their choosing immediately on the day that the manuscript is published by the JAMA Network. The “accepted manuscript” is the fully peer-reviewed version of the manuscript that has been revised in response to review and is judged acceptable for publication; additional edits, refinements, and enhancements will still appear in the version of record that is published in the JAMA Network and to which the accepted manuscript that is deposited will link. This policy extends current JAMA Network policies that allow for repository deposition of manuscripts only after a period of embargo.

Increased access to scientific findings is a key step in the right direction.