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$25.5m verdict against Aetna. “New, simpler economic models” for PBMs Cost of ageism: $63 billion. What is the FDA doing about opioids? Value-based drug pricing in Michigan’s Medicaid program. Leading health care moneymakers. HRRP works in California. Access to pharmaceuticals in China.

Friday Links

Building bridges. Stents, the Shape Memory Effect and Superelasticity. Does digital lead to poor surgeons?W Will a drug work for you?  Can 23andMe really help answer this question? Utah-Mexico new medical tourism connection. Doing business. ACA reduced insurance disparities. FDA guidance on meta-analysis.


Treating cancer: the promise of IO combination therapy. FDA on developing drugs for rare diseases. CEA: v-thresholds vs. k-thresholds. Pharma fights back against PBMs by slashing prices? Debt to double by 2050? Sex workers over-report use of condoms. Are concerns over FDA’s “Pre-Cert for Software Pilot Program” justified? Moneyball in Medicare.


Stan for economists. The state of healthcare in a majority minority state. Will undiagnosed atrial fibrillation become a thing of the past? Does free medical school decrease social justice? A $100,000 heart attack (out-of-pocket with insurance!)