HWR + Links

Peggy Salvatore has posted Health Wonk Review July 2018: Summer’s Coming Around Again at Health System Ed Blog.  Check it out. Plus, here are some links of my own to add as we head into the weekend: Is this what government drug price negotiation looks like under Trump? Do health insurance subsidies improve health? Breast is best? How does…

Friday Links

Elasticity of health insurance with respect to premiums. Why are Americans having fewer babies? EHRs increase cost by $44k/physician. Hospitals and information blocking. “After instrumenting for admissions to owner‐managed NHs [nusring homes], quality among long‐stay residents at owner‐managed NHs is generally better than NHs with salaried managers”

Friday Links

Does advertising work? (ACA edition) Is an individual mandate constitutional? Demand for health services researchers. NIH grant reviews: “The intraclass correlation — a statistic that refers to how much groups agree — was 0 for the scores assigned. This meant that there was no agreement at all on the quality of any application.” AMA: CVS-Aetna…

Friday Links

Who has more scientific publications: the U.S. or China? Is digital health a social science? How do U.S. healthcare prices compare to the rest of the world? Does continuing medical education work? What is the cost of defensive medicine fears? What does an effective lobbyist look like?


I’m very skeptical of appropriateness modifiers. Computer scientist prefers paper voting. The Florida shuffle. Workers’ Comp managed care. Does culture matter for quality of care in hospitals? Should you give up on preventive care?