End of week links

Incentivizing organ donation. Are value assessments ready for prime time? AAP: ‘Don’t microwave plastics’ Pharmacists and value-based care. Can Medicaid expansions prevent housing evictions? How does gentrification affect the health of low-income children?


Medicare to cover CAR-T. Italians use payment at results. The Navy introduces value-based care. Democrats’ plans to limit drug prices. Using contingent valuation to weight quality measures. Public health spending increases GDP.


How accurate are RVUs? Capturing the patient voice. Tools for physicians to find patient copays for drugs. New generic EpiPen hits the market. An honest man. Is Mechanical Turk trustworthy for surveys?

Mid-week links

Netflix model pricing for HCV drugs in Louisiana. Does “genetic nurture” cause obesity among siblings? New head of the CEA. Will health departments allow kids who don’t get a chickenpox vaccine to go to private school? “…many preferred to avoid viewing comparative clinical outcomes, particularly survival” I’m generally in favor of increased use of NPs,…