Treating cancer: the promise of IO combination therapy. FDA on developing drugs for rare diseases. CEA: v-thresholds vs. k-thresholds. Pharma fights back against PBMs by slashing prices? Debt to double by 2050? Sex workers over-report use of condoms. Are concerns over FDA’s “Pre-Cert for Software Pilot Program” justified? Moneyball in Medicare.


Stan for economists. The state of healthcare in a majority minority state. Will undiagnosed atrial fibrillation become a thing of the past? Does free medical school decrease social justice? A $100,000 heart attack (out-of-pocket with insurance!)

Mid-week links

Is statistics taking over journalism?  Regression to the mean in the MLB. Use of real-world evidence to measures NSCLC treatment effectiveness. Mental healthcare wait times adversely affect patient outcomes. Using cancer cells to kill cancer. Amazon to fill your Rx as you leave the hospital? Health plan won’t pay your ER bill…or will they? VBID…

HWR + Links

Peggy Salvatore has posted Health Wonk Review July 2018: Summer’s Coming Around Again at Health System Ed Blog.  Check it out. Plus, here are some links of my own to add as we head into the weekend: Is this what government drug price negotiation looks like under Trump? Do health insurance subsidies improve health? Breast is best? How does…