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Physician Affirmative Action in India

In India, low-caste and minority individuals often have difficultly ascending the social ladder.  Discrimination against the low-caste individuals has been extensively documented.  In order aid these disadvantaged groups, the Indian government has increased the quota for low-caste and minority physicians at state-run hospitals.  The International Herald Tribune (“Doctor’s Strike…“) reports that “22.5 percent of jobs at government hospitals go to low-caste Hindus and students from ethnic minority backgrounds,” but the new proposal will raise the percentage to 49.5%.  In response, many physicians and medical students have called a strike which threatens to cripple services at major state-run facilities.

While giving opportunities to the disadvantaged may be socially desirable, affirmative action will (at least initially) give preferential job treatment to less productive physicians.  Balancing the trade-off between increasing the opportunity for the disadvantaged and allowing employers to hire freely is a delicate matter.