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The Healthcare Economist realizes that he is not the only game in town and in this post I would like to call attention to the opinions some other blogs who have discussed issues about which I have written. 

On Sunday I wrote a post regarding end-of-life treatment for cancer patients and the correct amount of care to give (see also an enlightening comment by BC).  David Williams of the Health Business Blog gives both sides of the story in “Cancer care: Too much and too little.”  He gives examples where sometimes too little end-of-life care is provided and examples when care should be terminated.

Joe Paduda of Managed Care Matters believes that the prices of medical care which the CMS released may have little value to the average consumer.  In my post, I was also skeptical that the information release would drastically change medical care pricing, but Mr. Paduda does put a positive spin on the release at the end of his “CMS data release-and there point is…?” article by enumerating some of its benefits.

On May 19th, Healthcare Economist was dismayed at the fact that UnitedHealth Group was being investigated by the IRS for inappropriate use stock options for their CEO William McGuire.  In the Health Care Blog, Matthew Holt pours some salt into UnitedHealth Group’s wounds.  Mr. Holt (“United–not in enough trouble, goes looking for more“) cites a New York Times article where a UnitedHealth subsidiary engaged in unprincipled business practices with Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in Queens—a hospital that serves mostly uninsured and poor individuals.