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Global Competitiveness Report 2006-2007

The 2006-2007 Global Competitiveness Report has been released by World Economic Forum.  The rankings can be found at the World Economic Forum website (PDF).

“The rankings are drawn from a combination of publicly available hard data and the results of the Executive Opinion Survey, a comprehensive annual survey conducted by the World Economic Forum, together with its network of Partner Institutes (leading research institutes and business organizations) in the countries covered by the Report. This year, over 11,000 business leaders were polled in a record 125 economies worldwide.”

I am doubtful as to whether these rankings are very accurate and any small changes in ranking are likely meaningless.  The rankings do provide a good idea of how ‘business-friendly’ each country is in the mind of the world business community. 

The top six countries are:

  1. Switzerland
  2. Finland
  3. Sweden
  4. Denmark
  5. Singapore
  6. United States

The bottom three countries are:

  125. Angola 
  124. Burundi
  123. Chad

The top 3 countries which I have visited are:

  1. Switzerland
  8. Germany
  9. Netherlands 

The bottom 3 countries which I have visited are:

  93. Honduras
  70. Morocco
  69. Argentina