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California, Canada?

The Orange County Register had an interesting column in this Sunday’s paper. The article discusses the Field Poll which I mentioned on Thursday (“California wants…“), and concludes that Californians’ wish to have government-provided health care will lead to a Canadian-style system.  Below is the article written by senior editorial writer Steven Greenhut.

“I was in Edmonton, Alberta last October speaking to a Canadian journalists’ association. The mostly lefty journalists there to a person agreed that there are enormously long waits for basic services in Canada. That didn’t stop the journalists from supporting the socialized system. One told me that the year long waits…was proof of how efficient the Canadian system is… . His point: There is too much excess in the U.S. system while in Canada only those who really need procedures get them. Under such thinking, then, the Soviet system was the most efficient system of all…

Unfortunately, a new Field Poll shows that Californians have similar attitudes. Most want some kind of government system and most blame ‘profits’ for the problems in our system. That does not bode well for the future. Name one thing that government provides better than the private sector. …By the way, if you hate the profitability of the medical profession, I suppose that whatever it is you do, you do for free. You don’t? Evil profit-seeker!

The laws of economics are fairly iron-clad, whether you believe in them or not. Goods and services are scare. There are only two ways to control demand: price and rationing. Socialized medicine limits the price that can be charged, so the only answer is rationing. So when we need medical care, we will have to wait in line in a socialized system. Just like they do in Canada.”

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  1. I would rather wait for a long time to get my appointment rather than not have an appointment at all.
    I think the way you feel about this arguement depends on whether or not you have stable health care coverage. Those with HCC (like those who tend to write internet articles) will complain that they now have to *gasp* wait longer than they have in the past for their chance to see a doctor. Those without HCC (likely don’t own computers to comment here) will see it as a blessing to actually have the opportunity to meet with a physician.
    I would ask that you consider whether the current system of haves and have-nots is sustainable.

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