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Humana’s YouTube Videos

Why is health care so expensive?  How does insurance work?

Health insurance giant Humana has some answers available on YouTube.  These brief, two minute videos give a nice introduction to some important health care and health insurance concepts.  The videos so clear and easy to understand anyone could understand it.  

Health experts will of course note that these videos greatly simplify the problems of providing medical care and leave out a lot of important nuances.  Still, as an introduction to important health care concepts, these videos do a fairly good job.


  1. I hate to say this, but obviously whether good or not they are getting whatever it is they want to say out to more people than your article here is. Infact, I found your article by searching for Humana and youtube on google lol.. maybe you should make a youtube video explaining this. btw, only 12 year olds go on youtube so they are even smarter by targeting the future!

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