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In Turkey, the number of private hospitals has expanded from 250 in 2006 to 375 in 2008. Healthcare Europa reports that Turkish private hospitals previously charged whatever prices they pleased.  The government health insurance plan would pay the basic rate to the private hospitals, and the patient would be responsible for any difference between the government and the private sector rate.  This is known as “topping off.”

With the recent economic swoon, “the  government limited top-ups to a 30% ceiling in July 2008 -that spelt disaster for the private sector.  Lavish A-group hospitals, offering equivalence to top US and European hospitals, were typically adding 150% plus, more modest B-group hospitals 100% and C group hospitals – described as the same as a public sector hospital – were adding 20-50%.”

With declining demand and price controls, hospitals were seeing red.  However, “Filix Cevirme, General Coordinator at the Association of Private Hospitals (OHSAD), says the government is expected to up the ceiling to 70% after regional elections in March.”

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