Medicaid/Medicare Physician Compensation Public Policy

Medicare: Primary Docs to get more money, Specialists less

Joe Paduda of Managed Care Matters has a two great posts on Medicare’s new payment structure.  

The first post reports how exactly Medicare is changing its reimbursement for medical services.  “It looks like reimbursement for cognitive services – the 99xxx codes for readers expert in CPT-4s…office visits and similar services for others – will be increased while payments for surgeries, imaging, and other ‘procedures’ will be reduced.”

The question remains, will these changes stick?  For years, policy experts have advised CMS to increase primary care compensation and decrease specialist compensation.  However, specialists are a smaller, more cohesive group.  This facilitates the formation of compelling lobbies for specialists.  Mr. Paduda accurately predicts that these Medicare reimbursement changes will create a “loud, violent, and ugly” political backlash from specialists.

In the second post, Mr. Paduda reveals some insight as to how Medicare reimbursement changes will affect Medical care contracting in the short- and long-term.

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