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Will health reform help you and your family?

The Kaiser Family Foundation that says 59% of people think health reform would make the country better off and only 12% thought health reform would make the country worse off.  This seems like overwhelming support.  However, how only 38% of people thought health reform would make themselves and their family better off compared to 11% who think health reform would make them and their families worse off.   Forty-five percent of respondents thought that health reform would make no difference in their family’s overall welfare.

Will voters support “what is best for the country” or what is “best for themselves and their family”?  I would guess that most people would vote selfishly despite their health reform preference for the country as a whole.

Nevertheless, “a poll conducted by Time/CNN/Yankelovich in September 1993 — just before the Clinton health plan was formally introduced — found the public much more conflicted than today, with 20% saying they thought the plan would make them and their family better off, 21% saying they would be worse off, and 57% believing they would be unaffected.”

Looks like health reform is gaining public support slowly but surely.

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