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OB-GYN vs. cosmetic-gyn

Why don’t more doctors choose primary care?  Here’s why doctors are choosing to specialize in vaginal cosmetic procedures rather than more general OB-GYN:

…it was clear that patients aren’t the only—or necessarily the primary—driving force behind the cosmetic-gyn boom. Many of the conference’s OB-GYNs groused that even after they’ve amassed hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical-training debt, their insurance reimbursements are lousy. One doctor said he receives just $1,700 in fees for prenatal care and delivery, and a mere $800 for a hysterectomy. By contrast, a labiaplasty can be done in just a few hours, in-office, for a fee upwards of $5,000 and no “income socialism” to spread the proceeds among hospitals, insurers, and group-practice partners.

Not only does primary care pay less, it does not require as many hours or dealing with the complications from delivery.  Which one would you choose?

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