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Americans’ Opinions of the U.S. Healthcare System: March 2012

On the verge of the Supreme Court’s momentous decision regarding health care care reform, it is important to take a minute to examine what most Americans think.  A recent poll finds mostly what we already knew: people like their health insurance, but don’t like ObamaCare.  Surprisingly, most people (65%) favor changing Medicare to a voucher-based system.  This could either be a real result or just an indication that people support the current Medicare Advantage program.

Specific results from the March 2012 Reason-RUPE public opinion survey are presented after the jump.


Overall, are you satisfied, neutral, or dissatisfied with your health care? Is that strongly or somewhat?

  • Very Satisfied 35%
  • Somewhat Satisfied 23%
  • Neutral 16%
  • Somewhat Dissatisfied 9%
  • Very Dissatisfied 14%
  • Don’t Know/Refused 3%


Given what you know about the new health care law, do you have a generally favorable or generally unfavorable opinion of it?

  • Very Favorable 10%
  • Somewhat Favorable 22%
  • Somewhat Unfavorable 18%
  • Very Unfavorable 32%
  • Don’t Know/Refused 18%

Do you think Congress should try to repeal the health care law, or should they let it stand?

  • Net Repeal 49%
  • Net Let It Stand 36%
  • Don’t Know/Refused 15%

Do you think it is constitutional or unconstitutional for Congress to require Americans to have health insurance?

  • Constitutional 30%
  • Unconstitutional 62%
  • Don’t Know/Refused 8%

For people under 55, would you favor or oppose changing Medicare into a program that gives them a credit that can be used to purchase a private health insurance plan of their choice when they are eligible?

  • Net Favor 65%
  • Net Oppose 24%
  • Don’t Know/Refused 11%

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