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  1. Our Medical Government is quite interested in readmission rates, but I don’t understand why.

    Readmission within 30 days is supposed to indicate shoddy work. Do I have that right? Like a car, these bodies shouldn’t break down again from the same cause after being fixed in the hospital.

    But, that seems laughable to me. People and bodies are fantastically more complicated than cars, and the repair techniques are blunt and approximate. Every repair has a chance of totalling the car, and many of the best repairs are not worth the risk in individual cases. So, one does the best repair one can under the circumstances and sees if it is good enough.

    If anything, a 33% readmission rate might show a balanced approach to conserving resources. Do some work, discharge the patient, and tell them to come back if things get worse. A readmission rate of 1% might indicate keeping everyone in the hospital too long, very expensively.

    So, what do readmission rates tell the doctor, hospital, or our Medical Government?


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