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HWR and Kaiser

Kaiser Permanente is opening a medical school in 2019.  How will the school be different from current medical schools?  The L.A. Times reports:

…its approach will differ markedly from that of many established medical schools. It will hew closer to the company’s commitment of rapidly adopting new technology and adhering to the latest medical evidence in patient care.

The unorthodox move illustrates the lofty ambitions of Kaiser’s chairman and chief executive, Bernard Tyson. He strongly believes that Kaiser’s model of coordinated care is the answer for what ails the U.S medical system. Teaching that approach to young doctors could accelerate change across the country, he said.

Would Kaiser use the medical school as a pipeline for training physicians for its own practice?  Likely so.  One question would be how marketable an education from Kaiser medical school would be to non-Kaiser residency programs.  Only time will tell.

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