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Brexit = upheaval for drug makers

Will the European Medicines Agency (EMA) need to re-located after Brexit? According to a Reuters story, the answer is yes.

The EMA is a London-based organization that approves treatments for all EU countries. As the UK leaves the EU, however, EMA is expected to have to relocate. 600 individuals work for EMA.

More important is how Brexit would affect patients.

Although Britain could continue to take part in the EMA system if it remains in the European Economic Area, like Norway, many of those supporting its exit from the EU oppose that option.

As a result, British patients could move to the back of the queue for new medicines as companies prioritize the larger EU market, and some medicines could be left in regulatory limbo.

Where will EMA go?  Healthcare officials in Sweden, Denmark, Italy and Germany have expressed interest in hosting EMA, but EMA’s future destiation–or if any move at all will be needed–is still influx.

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