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Staying healthy during the holidays

Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanza bring a sense of joy to many.  At the same time, the holiday times are often a time of stress as well.  There is financial pressure to buy presents for your children, pressure to make Christmas perfect, family members not getting along, etc.

These and other challenges around the holidays problems can be especially problematic for individuals with mental illness.  The holidays often involve a break in regular routines, lots of eating and drinking, and unrealistic expectations for a perfect holiday.

The Canadian Mental Health Association of Nova Scotia has a list of Tips for Mental Wellness during the Holidays.  These tips include maintaining a routine, not indulging too much, staying positive, reaching out for help if someone feels isolated, and many other tips.

To all Healthcare Economist readers around the world, I want to wish you happy holidays and a very healthy 2017!


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