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Small business in limbo and other health care stories

The ACA is here…for now.  The AHCA is dead…for now.  Where will the health insurance market be 1 year from now, let alone in 5 or 10 years?  These questions have not yet been answered and the uncertainty is especially taxing for small businesses, especially as their premiums have risen.

Marketplace has an interesting story looking at “How small businesses are dealing with health care limbo“.

One women–who has less than 10 employees in her firm–noted that premiums for family policy for her firm jumped from $650/month to $1,150/month from one year to the next.  Small business leaders’ thoughts on the ACA and AHCA vary dramatically.

The National Federation of Independent Business endorsed the Republicans’ plan, arguing that it would have delivered more predictability and lower costs. But other business groups, like the Main Street Alliance, want the GOP to fix Obamacare, not let it explode.

Remember, company owners are both employers and individuals.

“For us it just means we are able to not spend $20,000 to $30,000 on health care, and that’s money you can put into your business,” said Ashley Montague, who co-owns the Penn Book Center in Philadelphia with her husband, Michael Rowe.

Obamacare cut their family premium in half initially, and all the guaranteed coverage — the same stuff that drove premiums up for Vicki — was a huge relief for them. Michael said it’s given them peace of mind at a time when the threat of Amazon forces them to restructure their business.

Some other stories of interest from the past week include:

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