How one project will change the way value is measured in healthcare

That is the title of a recent article in Managed Healthcare Executive on the Innovation and Value Initiative’s new Open-Source Value Project.  The magazine interviewed Mark Linthicum, IVI’s Director of Scientific Communication.  An excerpt is below:

Linthicum: Many healthcare stakeholders are now being asked to make decisions based on value, but few are also given the tools to make those decisions in an evidence-based manner. IVI seeks to solve that problem. The OSVP allows unmatched input by giving diverse stakeholders a seat at the table, especially patients. Future changes to the model and supporting research to advance the underlying methods will all be based on the feedback received from these stakeholders. This process—as well as the open-source nature of the models themselves—incentivizes stakeholders to offer their feedback to ensure that their unique viewpoint is captured in the tool and can be built upon in further iterations.

Do read the whole interview.

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