COVID-19 HC Statistics Inequality

COVID-19 and racial disparities

On the eve of Martin Luther King Day, let us take a quick look at the impact of COVID-19 by race/ethnicity. CDC reports rates of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths. One can see that cases are higher for most minorities (except Asians) relative to Non-Hispanic Whites, but hospitalizations and deaths are much higher for all minorities relative to Non-Hispanic whites. COVID-19 hospitalizations are more than triple the rate for Whites and deaths are more than double.

Source: CDC, as of 17 Jan 2021

One solution to this issue would be to increase vaccination rates across the board. However, according to a survey in November, minorities are less interested in getting COVID-19 vaccinations compared to Whites.

Much progress is needed to get people vaccinated quickly. Israel’s success may provide some learnings on how to get more people vaccinated, fast!

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