Friday Links

NICE, NHS and cancer drug reimbursement in the UK. Why Medicare Advantage succeeds where Marketplace fails Do 40% of UK docs want to leave the profession? Unintended consequences of abuse-deterrent opioids. “Use a smart toothbrush and get dental insurance at a discount!”

Friday Links

The cost-effectiveness of CAR-T. Cancer gene testing breakthrough. Uninsured vs. Insured: ER use. Doulas for death. What’s the problem with digital DNA? Plus, please check out the Happy Holiday Health Wonk Review at Workers’ Comp Insider.


Real-world effects of Brexit. Cost of Obamacare = an election? Civil rights laws and health inequality. Chinese economic history as seen through eyeglasses. CHIP at risk? Last days of empire edition of HWR

HWR is up

Hank Stern of InsureBlog hosts this week’s “Pink edition” Health Wonk Review. Check it out. Also of note this week is that Richard Thaler has the 2017 Nobel prize in economics.  For more on Dr. Thaler’s work, check out the Nobel Prize website.

Health Wonk Review is up

Brad Wright captures the feeling of many after another bruising ACA battle: fatigue.  He’s posted the Health Wonk Review: Repeal Fatigue Edition at Wright on Health. While the repeal saga is under discussion, wonks bring many more topics to the table, too, and Brad does a nice job encapsulating them.