Friday Links

The expanding role of MAs. Did the ACA affect breastfeeding rates? Hospital ownership of physician practices. Elephants, poaching and evolution. FDA and Ecstasy. Plus, the one and only Hank Stern hosts the Health Wonk Review: Puppies and Kittens edition.  Check it out!

HWR is up

Louise and Jay Norris mark Colorado Health Insurance Insider’s 10 year blogging anniversary – congratulations!! – with a rousing edition of Health Wonk Review. She notes that there’s a little something for everyone, and highlights the fact that healthcare reform is still very much a work in progress.   You can find a link to…

Health Wonk Review: Short and Sweet Edition

If you want the best health care articles on the web, then you came to the right place. This week the Healthcare Economist is hosting the world-renowned Health Wonk Review. I’ve divided the articles into 6 categories: health insurance, mental health, pharmaceuticals, physician pay, regulation, and value measurement.  No fancy themes, just high-quality content. Without further ado,…

Friday Links

ASCO revises its value framework. Do cell phones cause cancer? Thinking differently about care value. My stressful quest to get a prescription filled. Increasing vaccines prices? And last but not least, David Harlow of HealthBlawg hosts the latest edition of the Health Wonk Review.