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Cancer Tidal Wave

People are living longer. That is good news. The bad news is that when you decrease the mortality rates for some diseases, you increase the likelihood that you die from other ones. For instance, if someone previously would have died of a heart attack at 50 year old in 1950, if that same person turned 50 in the year 2014, they might survive. However, by age 70 they may be killed by another disease, such as cancer.

Due exactly to this phenomenon, the WHO is predicting a “tidal wave” of cancer cases in the U.S. Pharmafile reports that, The WHO World Cancer Report 2014 predicts that “diagnoses will rise from 14 million each year now to 22 million annually by 2035 – with deaths from the disease rising from 8.2 million to 13 million per year…Over 60% of cases – and 70% of deaths – occur in Africa, Asia, and central and South America, where lack of early detection and access to treatment are also problems.”

2012: Cancer Breakdown

New cases

  • lung (1.8 million cases, 13% of the total)
  • breast (1.7 million, 11.9%)
  • large bowel (1.4 million, 9.7%)


  •  lung (1.6 million cases, 19.4% of the total)
  •  liver (0.8 million, 9.1%)
  •  stomach (0.7 million, 8.8 per cent).


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