Who is health care’s

That is the quesition PwC’s Health Research Institute (HRI) asks in it’s latest report.  Although the report does not make any specific predictions, there are some interesting case studies it presents.  Some of these case studies include:

  • Earlier this year, Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy S5 smartphone, complete with a built-in heart rate monitor. In 2013, Apple also was issued a US patent for a “seamlessly embedded heart rate monitor” for devices such as its iPhone. .
  • CVS Caremark announced it would stop selling tobacco products in its 7,600 stores as part of a strategy to expand its role as a healthcare company.
  • AT&T opened its mHealth platform to developers in 2012, aiming to become the essential ingredient in healthcare’s future game-changing apps.
  • Time Warner Cable Business Class announced a “virtual visit” experiment with Cleveland Clinic in 2013. Cleveland Clinic caregivers will be able to interact with patients through televisions using secure video technology.
  • In 2013, Google announced the birth of Calico, a company focused on aging and associated illnesses. Its chief has experience in both healthcare and consumer-oriented technology.

At a time when venture capital investment in life sciences is down, money is pouring into startups targeting digital health, price transparency, workflow and electronic medical records systems and population health management.

As the population ages and mobile health continues to grow, more and more firms will be looking towards getting into the business of health.

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