Health Reform Regulation

Too much or too little regulation

Getting Obamacare subsidies may be too easy or too hard depending on your perspective. From MSN:

In May 970,000 people had citizenship data errors in their Obamacare applications. As of August, 450,000 of those cases have been resolved, 210,000 are in progress and 60,000 new documents arrive every day. The 310,000 remaining applicants will receive two more phone calls and one more email…

Critics of the health care law have noted that the government doesn’t have a system in place to verify information it receives from consumers. Last month the Government Accountability Office was able to gain subsidized health insurance for 11 out of 18 fake accounts.

Some people may say that government regulation is cumbersome and people are not getting the funds to purchase the insurance they need. Others may cite the GAO statistics saying that it’s easy to scam the system. Your personal values for providing subsidies to individuals in need vs. avoiding fraud likely will determine how you interpret this story.

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