Employers lose interest in providing health insurance

Recent reforms have lead more and more employers to shift employees to health insurance exchanges.  A PwC report states:

Thirty-two percent of employers are considering moving their active employees to a private exchange in the next three years, according to PwC’s 2014 Touchstone survey of 1,200 employers. Many employers already offer online tools similar to exchanges for other benefits such as retirement, which could boost uptake.

Public exchanges are particularly attractive for small employers (who face higher insurance rates due to higher load factors) and firms with high employee turnover. Private exchanges allow consumers to comparison shop for health insurance online marketplace. These private exchanges help employers decrease administrative cost and–according to Ezekiel Emanuel, private exchanges may be most attractive for mid-size firms.

The report also finds that high-deductible health plans are here to stay. Two-thirds of employers offer these plans.

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  1. Not surprised with PWC’s findings! What organisation likes more paper work and more costs? Yup, that’s right…not too many! However, as long as the private exchanges can provide the same benefits, I don’t think I would be too worried.

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