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What is Precision Medicine?

In his State of the Union, the President said that he was looking for additional funds for precision medicine. What would these funds be used for and how much money are we talking about? The details were revealed last week.

The Presdient describes precision medicine as “delivering the right treatments, at the right time, every time to the right person.” The NIH website cites Gleevac–a drug that treats chronic myelogenous leukemia cause by a specific gene mutation–as the types of innovations that will be funded by this initiative.

Overall, there will be $215 million of funding for precision medicine. US News & World Report states:

The NIH would receive $130 million for development of a voluntary national research cohort of a million or more volunteers, the National Cancer Institute wold receive $70 million to quicken efforts to identify genomic drivers in cancer, the FDA would receive $10 million to develop databases, and ONC would receive $5 million to establish that the data is exchanged in a private and secure way.

For more information on precision medicine, see th White House blog or the NIH precision medicine website.

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