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Parents and Vaccinations

No, this story is not about parents who don’t vaccinate their kids.  It’s about parents who have vaccinated their kids (or plan to), but want to keep their children away from unvaccinated children.  From the LA Times:

A Bay Area mother formed a Facebook page where parents could arrange play dates for their children with other vaccinated youngsters. Another mom advocates socially isolating the unvaccinated by asking parents if their child is inoculated before accepting a birthday invitation, or even using the swings at the playground. And an Eagle Rock mom says she now asks about vaccine records when she buys used baby clothing.

The CDC vaccine schedule recommends getting the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) shot at age 12-15 months for the first injection and age 4-6 for the second one. Thus, children under one will not be immune from measles and children 1-4 may not be 100% immune.

Will unvaccinated children and their parents by stigmatized for their decision? Perhaps so.

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