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Impact of Brexit on Pharma

There is a lot of talk that Brexit will be a disaster.  While I believe that much of this disaster talk is overblown, there are clear business implications.  Pharmafile provides an example of how Brexit would affect a small pharmaceutical company conducting clinical trials in the UK.

In the latter case, UK-based pharmaceutical companies with no other offices or manufacturing plants in the EU/EEA may do well to consider relocating to an EU/EEA country in order to continue benefitting from the advantages that come with being established in the EU/EEA. The implications of not relocating are significant for companies that rely on clinical trials conducted in the UK to support an EU marketing authorisation application, as Pharma business conducted in the UK will be considered conducted in a third country. This means that, among other things, in order to rely on clinical trials, the applicant will have to demonstrate that they were conducted in compliance with at least EU equivalent standards.

There is still much regulatory uncertainty in health care and other industries, but we do know that Brexit will be causing some changes.

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