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Pay College Players: Part II

In a post last week in honor of the NCAA tournament, I mentioned that universities should start paying college players. It looks like this is already happening:

Four former Auburn football players say in an ‘HBO Real Sports’ report scheduled to be broadcast Wednesday night that they were paid thousands of dollars during their college careers, including one who said he received money from an assistant coach.

One of the players, Stanley McClover, also said he received money while on recruiting visits to Michigan State and Ohio State and while attending an all-star camp at Louisiana State. He originally committed to play for Ohio State but said he changed his mind when he asked for and received money from Auburn.

Wouldn’t a transparent process to compensate players be more fair and honest than these under the table dealings? ¬†Should college athletes be demonized for wanting to share in the future profits they generate for ¬†universities?

The Fiesta Bowl’s CEO is certainly not shy about receiving compensation.

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