Cancer Quotation

It’s Okay to Be a Coward about Cancer

That is the title of an interesting Time article from cancer surviver Josh Friedman. Friedman is a well-known screenwriter whose work includes credits for such franchises as Terminator, Avatar and War of the Worlds. The article was prompted in part by John McCain’s recent brain cancer diagnosis (glioblastoma to be specific).

One excerpt is especially poignant.

As a storyteller I think hard about the tales we tell. Toughness and courage are staples of our cultural business. But these are not how we survive cancer. We survive cancer through luck, science, early detection and real health insurance. If we survived through courage, I probably wouldn’t have.


  1. I do not disagree. I would further add that it is also through the skill, training, expertise, and faith of others. Cancer is not just a journey that the patient takes. It is one that the family, friends, and healthcare team takes with you.

  2. I would suggest that the courage comes from waking up each day to face this horrible disease, the willingness to fight and not let go of hope. A childhood friend of mine age 46 is currently fighting this same cancer. I would say she is courageous.

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