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Healthcare Summit Quotations

“We are not cutting Medicare benefits. We are trying to eliminate waste.”

“Our country’s too big, too complicated, too decentralized for Washington, a few of us here, just to write a few rules about remaking seventeen percent of the economy all at once.”

“We can’t afford this. That is the ultimate problem here.”

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  1. Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa had one of the best comments in the afternoon session when he compared segregation to the denial of health care to the poor and needy. Politics and health care should not even be in the same sentence in the 21st century.
    The big insurance and drug companies will have to learn how to live with making millions every year instead of billions. President Obama played it very cool over the past one year by trying to build a consensus regarding his reforms. As a former senator, he knew about the process of reconciliation and now the Democratic leadership in the House and Senate need to twist some arms because this will be a close vote.
    It is time to work together for the common good, and we can forgive and forget about the GOP’s greed and get this bill passed and sent on to the President. The purpose of politics is to protect those who cannot help themselves and to end the circle of poverty that can be created by a lack of health care. Thank you President Obama and his staff for all of your hard work, courage and determination to make Americans healthy and to give them a chance for a decent life.

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