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Greece and Germany Battle over Supremacy in Europe

Greece isn’t asking for a bailout.  Today, they expect no help from Germany.  The Germans themselves, even if they would like to, can no longer assume the role of the paymaster.  They may dictate much of the pace, but they will have to earn an of their Euro goals through hard work, not by mandates.

Is this a new day for European politics and the economy?

No, its Euro 2012.  In one of today’s quarterfinals matches, the two new rivals face off.  Similar to their economies, the Germany is bigger and generally considered better.  They are heavy favorites in this match.  The Greeks may be undermanned, but the faced a similar situation in 2004 when they surprised Portugal in Portugal to win the Euro trophy.

There certainly has been no shortage of animosity between the countries in recent days:

  • Poor Greeks, we’ll drive you bust again,” said Germany’s mass-circulation tabloid Bild.
  • Bankrupt THEM,” blared leading Greek paper Sport Day.
  • “[Angela] Merkel get ready, it’s your turn now,” Greek fans chanted on the streets of Athens over the weekend after Greece knocked Russia out of the tournament to advance to the quarterfinal round. More-profane chants about the German chancellor were also heard in several Greek cities.

Major questions, at least in the world of sports, will be answered on the pitch today.

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