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Measuring the Value Healthy Individuals Place on Generous Insurance Coverage of Severe Diseases

That is the title of a paper I just published at Value in Health with Suepattra G. May, Lauren M. Zhao, Katalin Bognar, Yong Yuan, John R. Penrod, and John A. Romley. The subtitle is A Stated Preference Survey of Adults Diagnosed With and Without Lung Cancer. The full abstract is below:

Objectives: To compare the ex ante willingness to pay (WTP) of healthy individuals for generous insurance coverage of novel lung cancer treatments to the WTP for coverage of such treatment among individuals with lung cancer.
Methods: A survey was administered to 2 cohorts of US adults: (1) healthy individuals without cancer and (2) individuals diagnosed with lung cancer. A multiple random staircase survey design was used to elicit respondent WTP for coverage of novel lung cancer therapy associated with survival gains.
Results: Of the 84 937 healthy individuals invited, 300 completed the survey. Of the 36 249 in the lung cancer cohort invited, 250 completed the survey. Mean age by cohort was 50.0 (SD 14.6) and 48.4 (SD 16.8) years, and 55.2% and 47.2% were female, respectively. Respondents in the healthy and lung cancer cohorts were willing to pay $97.52 (95% confidence interval (CI) $89.89-$105.15) and $22 304 (95% CI $20 194-$24 414) per month, respectively, for coverage of a novel therapy providing 5-year survival of 15% versus standard-of-care therapy with a 5-year survival of 4%. After accounting for the likelihood that healthy individuals are diagnosed with lung cancer in the future, we estimated that 89.8% of the total value of new lung cancer treatments comes from the WTP healthy individuals place on generous insurance coverage.
Conclusions: Total societal willingness to pay for lung cancer is much higher than conventionally thought, as most healthy individuals are risk-averse and highly value having lung cancer treatments available to them in the future.

Do read the whole article here.

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